Balancing Motherhood, Business, and Emotional Intelligence with Shannen Hill

Balancing Motherhood, Business, and Emotional Intelligence with Shannen Hill

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Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Understanding emotional intelligence can help you show up in your business and your personal life as the best version of you. And since business is such a huge personal development journey, I invited multi-business owner, mum of 2 girls and mindset coach, Shannen Hill to speak about being self aware and emotionally intelligent.


  • What it takes to put a business on hold
  • How to hold the values of who you want to become
  • What emotional intelligence is, and why it’s so important
  • Shannen’s tip for confidence in showing up on socials
  • How influencers helped her business


Shannen is a mum of 2 young girls! She is ambitious and driven, currently pursuing her business and career dreams as a results activator, mindset shifter, and emotional intelligence facilitator. She is deeply committed to guiding individuals like you on a journey towards realising their desires in life are only actions away from happening. At the heart of her coaching and mentoring philosophy lies a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence and behaviour profiling, along with activating unexpected results with empathy, understanding, and integrity at the forefront.


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