1:1 Digital Marketing Coaching

Work with me as your personal coach to master your digital marketing through bespoke training and strategy sessions.

Personalised 1:1 Strategy & Training

This isn’t a digital marketing course where you get copy-paste, generic resources. This is your opportunity to work with an expert who will give you tailored action plans, solutions, and training specific to your business.

Designed for both new and established lifestyle and wellness e-commerce businesses that want to take the reigns and be in control of their marketing, this is the ultimate coaching solution.

Practical, easy-to-digest strategy and resources to empower you to market your business confidently.

The Silk Method.

Clear Vision. Actionable Recommendations. Real Results.

Personalised Guidance: Recognising the uniqueness of every brand and its journey, my one-on-one consulting ensures that you receive undivided attention, tailored strategies, and expert insights. This personalized approach empowers you to confidently market your business online.

VIP Access: Experience the full VIP treatment with access to all my resources – templates, tools, and industry secrets. These invaluable assets will help you understand how to optimise your marketing efforts, leading to tangible results for your business.

Holistic Multi-Channel Marketing: Don’t let the idea of multi-channel marketing overwhelm you. I’m here to simplify the process, breaking down how to effectively market your business using a multi-channel approach. This strategy is designed to future-proof your brand and establish a foundation for long-term success.

Empowerment & Education: Think of me as more than just a “consultant”; consider me your digital marketing bestie. We’re a team, and I’m here to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to support you at every stage of building and scaling your business. Together, we’ll celebrate each success! 🥂

To get started or find out if this is right for you, book a free discovery call with Silk Digital. 

Your Silk Digital Experience

Your experience with Silk Digital is all about feeling confident and empowered to create and implement a digital marketing strategy that provides real results.

But, what does that look like? 

Take a peek inside the Silk Digital experience.

What's Included:

60-minute monthly or fortnightly calls to develop and implement strategies, learn new skills and get on top of your digital marketing.

Every session is recorded, so you won’t miss a beat. After our call, you’ll receive the recording via email, accompanied by actionable points to keep you on track.

While we follow my proven holistic framework, each session is tailored to address your specific business needs.

Benefit from the tools, documents, and insights I’ve curated and refined. The same resources I use will be at your fingertips, empowering your brand’s digital journey.

Beyond our scheduled calls, I’m here for you. You’ll have direct email access to me from Monday to Friday for any follow-up questions or clarifications. Your success is my priority, and I’m committed to ensuring you have the support you need every step of the way.

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