Unlocking Success with Omnipresence: The Importance of a Holistic Marketing Approach Across Multiple Channels [ep.2]

Unlocking Success with Omnipresence: The Importance of a Holistic Marketing Approach Across Multiple Channels

Unlocking Success with Omnipresence: The Importance of a Holistic Marketing Approach Across Multiple Channels



Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Are you seeing your Instagram reach plummet? Perhaps, you’re scrambling for ways to gain more success on the platform. Although Instagram has its benefits, the fact that it isn’t a first-party platform, and you are constantly having to change up your tune and strategy on the platform when a new feature is thrown out into the digital space, makes this platform a lot more volatile for your business than you may realise.

That is why it is important to adopt a holistic marketing approach through utilising omnipresence. By not relying on any one platform, you can ensure that you are always in contact with your audience and the community that you have put so much effort into growing. This episode is not about jumping on every single platform and spraying and praying content, instead, I dive into how you can use one piece of content and create a consistent message across all platforms without the extra leg work.

I’m not here to reinvent the wheel and neither are you, but understanding why a multichannel presence is essential for your business success can help you get out under Instagram’s rules, and make your own. Not sure which channels are right for your business? I share key information on this to help help you broaden your horizons and get your business out there.

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Topics covered on holistic marketing:

  • Why a multi-channel presence is really essential to your business success
  • How you are limiting yourself by putting all your eggs in one basket
  • Why I am a true advocate of multi-channel marketing
  • What is first-party data and why it is so important to utilise it in your holistic approach
  • Multiple examples of how to use multiple platforms together to achieve your goal 

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